Natural Chicken Care Products

I've always used fragrant herbs from my gardens to freshen up the chicken coop and repel insects.  I'm happy to offer my blend to you.  
Chicken Nesting Box Herbs contains the following  blend of herbs:
Certified Organically Grown
Lavender- repels fleas, flies & mosquitoes, is calming to chickens
Peppermint- repels flies, fleas and biting insects, rodent repellent
Rosemary- repels rodents, insecticide, anti-bacterial
Oregano- has anti-bacterial properties, immune stimulant
Calendula- repels lice and mites
Thyme- antibiotic & antibacterial properties, respiratory health
Marjoram- reproductive health (egg laying) respiratory health
These herbs are safe & beneficial for chickens if they decide to nibble on them too~
Made with pure essential oils, my 4oz. Chicken Coop insect repellent spray
is an easy and effective way to repel and prevent bug infestations in coops.  
Shake well.  Spray inside nesting boxes, on roosts and
wooden surfaces where bugs like to hide.  
Contains pure Lavender, Rosemary, Neem, Geranium, Eucalyptus & Mint essential oils.
Keep away from eyes & children
May be sprayed directly on chickens feet and legs to kill and repel mites,
plus under chickens wings, around vent area and behind head and neck. 
This healing salve was originally made for my chicken Peg.  I blended herbs, oils and extracts to make a healing salve for her frostbitten feet.  It contains calendula oil to heal skin tissue, neem oil, tea tree essential oil for its antiseptic, antifungal properties, lavender essential oil also heals tissue and burns, plus extracts of echinacea and goldenseal to fight infection.  Vitamin e is also added. 
**Neem oil is used to prevent and treat scaly legs (mites) when applied to chickens feet and legs

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