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I'm giving away a bunch of my own grown Sweet Annie!  To enter the Giveaway Contest just go on my Facebook Page, Comment and Share the Giveaway post and you'll automatically be entered into the contest! 


A random drawing will be done March 2, 2020.  Good Luck!!!

2019 Sweet Annie Harvest~ Here's a pic of my sweet annie garden that is growing in the old barn foundation.  

I get a lot of questions about when the Sweet Annie is ready to harvest.  Here's a collage I made to show the examples.  You want to pick it when the blossoms are full.

Sweet Annie has a mind of her own and will grow where she wants!  Gravel driveways and brick walkways are a favorite of hers....she's always popping up in my perennial garden.  I never have the heart to yank...maybe transplant when the plants are small.

I transplanted these sweet annie plants...if I hadn't they would probably knock some of the bricks out in the walkway!

I learned my lesson with this one.....turned into a tree!

Here it is popping up in the greenhouse along with feverfew that likes to reseed itself.  

Once you've harvested your sweet annie, hang it to dry in bunches (not too thick) in an area that is out of the sun but gets plenty of air flow.  I hang hundreds of bunches in our barn and in my house attic.  As soon as they are dry, take them down and store in boxes, again where the air is dry.  This way they keep longer.

And don't forget to save some seeds!  I've circled what the seed actually looks like in this pic.  Since they are so small your going to get some chaff in your seed package when you purchase from me.  Sow your Sweet Annie is the Fall & Spring~~~ENJOY!!!  

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  • Teresa RObinson on

    I absolutely love the look & the smell of sweet Annie!

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