Chicken Nesting Box Herbs
Chicken Nesting Box Herbs

Chicken Nesting Box Herbs

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I've always used fragrant herbs from my gardens to freshen up the chicken coop and repel insects.  I'm happy to offer my blend to you.  

 Contains the following certified organic herbs:

Lavender- repels fleas, flies & mosquitoes, is calming to chickens
Peppermint- repels flies, fleas and biting insects, rodent repellent
Rosemary- repels rodents, insecticide, anti-bacterial
Oregano- has antibacterial properties, immune stimulant
Calendula- repels lice and mites
Thyme- antibiotic & antibacterial properties, respiratory health
Marjoram- reproductive health (egg laying) respiratory health

These herbs are safe & beneficial for chickens if they decide to nibble on them too~

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