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#1641 Chicken Coop Nesting Herbs

I've always used fragrant herbs from my gardens to

freshen up the chicken coop and repel insects.  

I'm happy to offer my blend to you.  

Chicken Nesting Box Herbs contains the following  blend of herbs

and has been approved by my mother, Kathleen Duffy, LPN, MH, CCAP/Instructor  

who is a medical herbalist and certified clinical aromatherapist.


Certified Organically Grown

Lavender- repels fleas, flies & mosquitoes, is calming to chickens

Peppermint- repels flies, fleas and biting insects, rodent repellent

Rosemary- repels rodents, insecticide, anti-bacterial

Oregano- has anti-bacterial properties, immune stimulant

Calendula- repels lice and mites

Thyme- antibiotic & antibacterial properties, respiratory health

Marjoram- reproductive health (egg laying) respiratory health


These herbs are safe & beneficial for chickens if they decide to nibble on them too~

Choose Nesting Box Herb Size:12 ounce size bag $28.00
3 ounce size bag $8.00

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