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Victorian Potpourri


2 parts Roses (any color or size-roses are THE victorian flower)
2 parts  Lavender ( lavender blossoms & whole lavender stems look best)
1 part Calendula (pot marigold) or any marigold from the garden
    *Calendula has been a staple in cottage/victorian gardens  for centuries because of it's healing properties
1 part Hollyhock (these are easy to dry and come in a variety of colors)
1 part Mint (any variety looks & smells GREAT) crushed or whole leaves
1 part Rose Geranium leaves
1tbsp Orris Root (this is a fixative and holds the scent of the essential oils longer)
10 drops  Lavender Essential Oil
10 drops Rose Geranium Essential Oil
5 drops Spearmint Essential Oil
Combine all Ingredients gently so not to crush the large flowers too much.
Lay out in a shallow bowl.

Don't be afraid to experiment with drying all your Herbs & Flowers from the garden.  You might be surprised at how they turn out.  Smaller bunches hung upside down in a dry place works best.  Some fragile flowers can simply be dried on a paper towel or basket and stored in a dry area of the house.  Have Fun!

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