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Herbal Bath/Body Oil


    4oz Fractionated Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil
    Clean/Dry Organically grown Flowers & Herbs
    20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
    10 drops of Rose Geranium Essential Oil
    5 drops Mandarin Essential Oil
    Sterilized 4oz. glass "vinegar" bottle


Pour the Fractionated Coconut oil (or Jojoba oil) into your sterilized glass bottle an inch or more from the top.  Carefully place your clean/dried flowers and herbs into the bottle. Remember to choose some longer stems as well as smaller blossoms so that the flowers show the entire length of the bottle.  Drop in your Essential oils.  Pour the remaining Fractionated Coconut oil over the flowers to cover them and fill the entire botle with oil. Shake well.  Store in a cool, dry location.  Just use a teaspoon of oil in the bath tub at a time.  Be careful~ it may be slippery if you use too much!

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