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PineCone Firestarters

    Dried Pinecones
    Meltable Soy Wax
    Dried Herbs/ Greens/Pods etc
    Essential Oil of Spruce or Pine Needle
    Wax Paper


Carefully melt enough Soy wax in the Microwave to coat your Pinecones.  Let the Soy wax cool down a bit and pour into a shallow pan.  Roll your Pinecones in the wax and then quickly sprinkle them with your choice of Herbs & Spices.  I use Red Roses for color, Pine needles, Cedar tips, Juniper berries and Rosehips.

You might have to press the Herbs into the Cones with your hands.  Once done, place the cones on a piece of wax paper to dry.  Sprinkle a few drops of your Essential Oils on the Cones and your all set~

I like to package the cones in a medium sized brown paper bag.  I roll the sides and and have the cones peaking out of the top.  Tie with Raffia or twine and a Sprig of Rosehips and you've go a nice "Winter" gift!!

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