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Spice Pomander Mixture


Equal Parts

Ground Cloves
Ground Allspice
Ground Cinnamon
Orris Root Powder
Ground Ginger and Nutmeg could also be used
Whole Cloves
Oranges or Apples


You'll need a few handfuls of Whole Cloves for 6 Oranges.  Apples are also used as Pomanders but they don't look as nice when they're all shriveled up.
Gently push your whole cloves into the oranges and try to evenly space them out. Once all the cloves are in the oranges it's time to roll it in your Spice Mixture.  A shallow pie pan works great for this.  
Layer the bottom of your pan with the spice mixture and lay about 3-5 oranges on top of the mixture.   You want them to have enough space to be rolled in the spices without touching each other. 
Roll, roll, roll your oranges in your Spice mixture.  Once they are all covered in spices it's important that they have enough air to dry or else they might start to mold.  So check them often & continue to roll them in the spices until they are completely hardened.  This could take up to a few weeks.

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